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Eileen McDonagh

Eileen MacDonagh was born in Geevagh, County Sligo in 1956 and has worked as a sculptor since the 1980s. For her contribution to sculpture and the Arts in Ireland, MacDonagh was elected in 2004 to Aosdána, the Irish organisation that recognises artists that have contributed a unique body of work.
MacDonagh works mainly in stone to produce large scale sculptures. Due to the scale of her work, she has tended to concentrate on Public Art Commissions although she has also exhibited in the context of the gallery exhibitions. She received a Diploma in Sculpture at the School of Art, Regional Technical College, Sligo, Ireland (1974–79) and an Art Teachers Certificate from the Limerick School of Art & Design (1979–80). MacDonagh's first solo exhibition in 1992, Truss, showed large scale works made from both wood and stone. MacDonagh has continued through her career as a sculptor taking on large scale projects, and has built up a large body of public art since across Ireland and in other countries.

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Eileen McDonagh

Eileen McDonagh


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