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Here at McKeon Stone we were thrilled at the opportunity last year to play host to one of Ireland's most talented living sculptors, Simon Carman. On June 9th, 2018, Carman returned to give an illustrated talk on his work at our stone yard in one of our special sculptural events which we hold on a regular basis.


Here at McKeon Stone we quarry some of the best limestone on our planet. Our Kilkenny Blue Limestone is sought after by some of the world's most talented sculptors as their material of choice when creating sublime works of art. As such, we were delighted to learn that our stunning Kilkenny Blue Limestone was featured at the "on form - Sculpture in Stone" exhibition, the UK's only art exhibition dedicated exclusively to stone sculpture.

McKeon Stone features prominently in a garden which has won a Gold Award at the 2018 Bloom Show in Phoenix Park, Ireland’s largest annual horticultural show.

We all know that stone is durable, it’s been the building material of choice throughout history.  Archaeological sites around the world feature building made of stone that have endured for thousands of years.  Here at McKeon Stone, we source our famous blue limestone from our own limestone quarry in Threecastles, Kilkenny and cut and craft it to each of our customer’s unique designs.  We’ve been doing this since 1950 but the sought-after blue limestone from Threecastles quarry has been a popular choice since time immemorial because it stands the test of time.

McKeon Stone recently supplied stone for a new Catholic chapel in Gloucestershire which was awarded a distinguished architectural prize.


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